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Wonder Day - June 11
Jun 8 2011 9:53AM    Share
Get ready for the exciting Wonder Day this Saturday on June 11, 2011! We are proud to announce a 24-hour event run by the Game Masters (GMs) of WonderKing.
When the clock strikes 12:00 am Pacific Time, you will have 150% Bonus Experience and Drop Rate, along with many spectacular benefits, sales, FREE cash item giveaways, and much more! Don't forget to stack up the extra bonuses with the appropriate items from the Item Mall!
On each Wonder Day, the GMs will host a variety of events. But that's not all! There will be many surprises and there's no telling what amazing opportunities will pop up during the day.
If you want to find out what the Wonder Day schedule holds in store, please click on the banner below!
Happy Wonder Day!