Christmas Day Special [completed]  
12/23/10 00:00 ~ 12/29/10 23:59     Share
On this wonderful Christmas Day, WonderKing will be having 200% Bonus Experience for everyone to enjoy! Don’t forget to stack up even more experience with the 120% Exp Ticket and the 150% Exp Ticket from the Item Mall too. Happy holidays!
Event 1: Christmas Gifting!
Send a cash item of 150 Gcoins or more as a gift to your loved ones or yourself to celebrate this joyful Christmas by using the Item Mall Gifting System. In return, you will receive an email from WKcommunity@ndoorsinc.com with a coupon code of the unreleased permanent Rudolph Nose on 12/27/2010 from 5 pm – 7 pm PST. Please note only 1 Rudolph Nose per buying account.
To send a gift, just follow the simple steps below:
1) Log onto the WonderKing game.
2) Click on the Item Mall” button located on the bottom right user interface (UI).
3) Now find a cash item worth 150 Gcoins or more and click on the Gift” button!
- If the cash item you gifted is worth 149 Gcoins of value, you will not receive the permanent Rudolph Nose.
4) Finally confirm the name of the Recipient,” click OK” and Send Gift.”
5) You must send your gift between 12/23 - 26!
Have fun surprising your friends with gifts!
Event 2: FREE Gift-giving!
Every Christmas Day, there is always so much to be grateful for and this year is no exception! We’re having a FREE Gift-giving from the WonderKing team! Everyone will receive a 1 Day White Panda Mount by just logging in from 12:01 am – 8:00 pm PST on December 25, 2010.

Event 3: Facebook Christmas Card Tag!
Send a greeting card to four (4) or more friends by tagging them on Facebook! You will receive a Leo's Chest for participating on this event! Please follow the steps below:
1) Become a fan of WonderKing on Facebook (If you are not a fan, click here)
2) Download the greeting card below!

3) Go to the WonderKing Facebook fan Photo page by clicking here!
4) Now click on Add Photos” on the upper right corner of the page and upload the WonderKing Christmas greeting card you’ve downloaded on step 2.
5) Once it’s done, you can tag your friends on Facebook!
6) Don't forget to include your character name and server on the description too!
7) The last day to upload this Christmas Card is 12/29/2010 at 11:59 pm PST and the FREE Leo's Chest will be sent out on 12/30/2010 from 5 pm - 7 pm PST!
The WonderKing team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!